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polymeresabz Pouya polymer amirkabir (polymeresabz) helps you get more information about recycling to get more revenue. The recycling industry is considered to be a young and profitable industry. The mistake most people make is that they are entering this industry without much information and, unfortunately, they are suffering. Therefore, with regard to the above …


Plastic grinder machine

آسیاب پلاستیک,Plastic Crusher

Plastic Crusher: CRUSHER ROOM: 600*600/700*800/700*1000/700*1200. Power: 40HP (30Kw) to 75 HP. Blade: number 5-10 blend (TW5). Capacity: 200-1200 Kg/hr. For all kinds of plastic: PP, PE Film, injection parts, woven bag, PET bottle, PVC tube and PC. Safe, soundless and strong AND high capacity.


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