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Pouya polymer amirkabir (polymeresabz) helps you get more information about recycling to get more revenue. The recycling industry is considered to be a young and profitable industry. The mistake most people make is that they are entering this industry without much information and, unfortunately, they are suffering. Therefore, with regard to the above mentioned,Pouya polymer amirkabir (polymeresabz) is active in the following fields:


  1. Making plastics recycling machines from crusher to rinsing and granulating lines, tires from crusher to powder plastic granulator and waste recycling from press to separator.
  2. Developing formulations for plastic mixtures.
  3. Consulting (in-person and phone) to companies and individuals for the optimal use of waste and the purchase of recycling devices for plastic and municipal waste tire.
  4. Hold short-term workshops and training on recycling plastics.
  5. Hold short-term workshops and training courses in the field of plastics.
  6. Providing educational products in the form of movies, audio and books.


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